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Joining Forces for a Sustainable Future: Celebrating TESUP's 100,000th Customer!

At TESUP, we are bursting with excitement to unveil a momentous achievement in our quest for a greener and more sustainable future. Brace yourselves for the fanfare as we proudly celebrate our 100,000th customer, an extraordinary milestone that propels our household renewable energy solutions company to new heights! To thank each and every one of our valued customers, we are thrilled to offer a discount of £100 on all our products from July 27th to July 31st with the code “100K”. With our hearts overflowing with gratitude, let's take a journey back in time to reminisce about the challenges we've conquered and the triumphs we've shared.

A Global Footprint

TESUP's wings of change have taken flight to over 50 countries across the globe. Across an impressive network of 29 countries with local websites, our products are actively powering electricity generation in over 50 countries as of today, reflecting our remarkable global reach and impact. We have traversed borders and oceans, reaching every corner with our commitment to delivering sustainable, reliable, and highly efficient energy solutions. We proudly stand shoulder-to-shoulder with a global community that shares our unwavering vision for a cleaner and greener planet.

Leading the Way: Netherlands, Germany, and the UK

While TESUP serves customers in multiple countries, it's worth highlighting the significant presence of our trailblazers in the Netherlands, Germany, and the United Kingdom. These three countries have shown exceptional enthusiasm and uptake of our products, paving the way for a sustainable future.

1. Netherlands: The Netherlands, renowned for its progressive environmental policies, has embraced TESUP's renewable energy solutions wholeheartedly. Dutch households understand the importance of reducing their carbon footprints. Notably, the Netherlands represents 10% of TESUP's valued customers, reflecting their strong commitment to sustainable living.


🏡 Here is a heartfelt comment from one of our customers in the Netherlands:

"I recently installed the ATLAS X7 wind turbine from TESUP, and it has been a game-changer for my energy needs. This wind turbine is a marvel of engineering. I'm amazed by the amount of electricity it generates, allowing me to power my home with clean, renewable energy.." - Erik F. from Flevoland, NL


2. Germany: As a leader in renewable energy adoption, Germany stands as a shining example of sustainable living. TESUP has witnessed substantial interest and sales from German customers, who value the reliability and efficiency of our products. Together, we are driving the transition towards clean energy in one of Europe's largest economies. Remarkably, Germany represents 13% of TESUP's valued customers, affirming their commitment to a greener and more sustainable future.


🏡 One of Our Customers from Germany also shared their experience:

"I can't say enough good things about TESUP. Their products have transformed the way I generate and consume energy. With MAGNUM 5, I've been able to use wind power and significantly reduce my reliance on the grid. I'm grateful to be a part of the renewable energy revolution beside TESUP ." - Lucas D. from Thüringen, DE

3. United Kingdom: The United Kingdom has been a strong advocate for renewable energy and has set ambitious targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. TESUP has played a vital role in supporting this green revolution, providing households across the UK with accessible and affordable renewable energy solutions. The UK represents 15% of TESUP's valued customers, showcasing their significant contribution to embracing clean energy solutions.


🏡 Let’s Hear the Story of a TESUP Customer from the UK:

"TESUP's HERA, has been a game-changer for me. Its design and performance make it a standout product. I installed it in my backyard, it’s been generating a consistent supply of clean energy. It’s perfect for my location because the winds in my hometown are quite strong. It's amazing to see the positive impact I'm making. " - David L. from Wales, UK

We are the global leader with the largest installation footprint worldwide.

A Community Driven by Sustainability

From the beginning, TESUP has been committed to empowering households worldwide with innovative and reliable renewable energy solutions. Our mission to promote clean energy adoption and reduce carbon footprints has resonated with a diverse community of individuals passionate about sustainability. Each customer that joins our TESUP family strengthens our collective commitment to creating a better world for future generations.

The Power of Collaboration

Our journey would not be possible without the collaborative efforts of our customers. Your feedback, suggestions, and passion for sustainability have played a pivotal role in shaping our products and services. Through your shared experiences and success stories, you have inspired others to embrace renewable energy and contribute to a cleaner world.

Sharing the Joy: Videos and Pictures from TESUP Customers

In addition to heartfelt testimonials, our incredible customers have been kind enough to share their experiences through videos and pictures, showcasing how our renewable energy solutions have transformed their homes and lifestyles. It's heartwarming to witness the joy and excitement of homeowners as they contribute to a sustainable future.

Join the Journey

To express our gratitude, we extend a heartfelt thank you to each and every TESUP customer, along with £100 OFF all our products with the code "100K" from July 27th to 31st. Your trust, loyalty, and dedication have been instrumental in reaching this incredible milestone. Together, we are making a difference and inspiring others to adopt sustainable practices.

Thank you for being a part of the TESUP journey and for embracing clean energy. Let's continue to inspire others, the next 100,000 customers and beyond!